We can also define miscarriages/ spontaneous abortions based on the weight of the baby, in our country if a baby is born and it weighs less than 1 kg, it’s automatically considered as a miscarriage/spontaneous abortion. 

There are many reasons a miscarriage can occur, and it’s not just because of problems with the mother,  factors related to the father as well as the baby can also result in a miscarriage.

Among these risk factors, one that is commonly known is advanced age, if both mom and dad are over the age of 40 it might result in DNA abnormalities in the baby that could lead to a miscarriage. 

If parents don’t use family planning methods and the time-space between two pregnancies is less than three months, it could be one factor that could result in a miscarriage.

 Another not-so-popular risk factor is the fact that having a lot of kids could also result in a miscarriage. Sexually transmitted infections can also result in a miscarriage, so always get tested for sexually transmitted infections.

The causes of a miscarriage are different, the risk factor can result in the cause of a miscarriage. For example, advanced age can result in abnormal DNA combinations in the baby which might result in a miscarriage. Another cause could be chronic diseases in the mother like Tuberculosis and Diabetes which are pretty common causes of a miscarriage.

Knowing all these factors can help us plan better about our family and learn the things we can do to make sure we go through a happy and blissful pregnancy experience. 

Classifying miscarriages is a difficult task, there are many ways we can do so, in clinical terms a miscarriage can be divided up to seven classifications. Understanding each type helps us to understand more about the symptoms as well as the treatments offered for each type.

The most common symptoms of miscarriages are bleeding through the vagina and a cramping sort of pain that could resemble the pain of labor.  If a pregnant woman encounters any of these symptoms, it’s important that she goes to a health center and gets checked. Just because a pregnant woman gets these symptoms, it doesn’t always mean that she is having a miscarriage, there are other things it could be, this is why going to a doctor and getting checked as soon as possible is always a good idea.

The treatment offered for miscarriages is different based on the clinical types, there are types of miscarriages where the treatment offered could simply just be bed rest and drinking a lot of fluids, and for other types, the treatment might involve other not so simple methods. Either way, what we need to bear in mind is that during pregnancy it’s always important to have antenatal care and follow-up.