There are several health problems that men face as they age, usually starting from 40 years old. Some include:

  • Incontinence: inability to control urination. There are two types:
    • Urge: an overwhelming urge to urinate that is followed by heavy leakage
    • Overflow: difficulty urinating in large amounts and in only small leaks from a full bladder
  • Ejaculation disorders: There are four types of ejaculation disorders:
    • Premature ejaculation: is when a man ejaculates sooner than desired.
    • Delayed ejaculation: is when a man ejaculates after a long time than desired.
    • Retrograde ejaculation: is when the muscles near the bladder that prevents sperm from entering the bladder fail to contract properly and releases the sperm in the bladder instead of the penis. 
    • Anejaculation: is when a man cannot ejaculate. It can be depending on certain situations/people or is unable to ejaculate in any situation.
  • Sperm problems: Sperm quality decreases, typically after turning 40 years old After 40, total testosterone levels can drop only a small amount. However, there will be more sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). A protein that sticks to the testosterone to limit production.
  • Low sexual desire: can be caused by the decreasing male sex hormones. Erections also take longer to form and are less firm.