The Male Perspective on Pregnancy

The Male


on Pregnancy

What is antenatal care?

  • Antenatal care prepares expecting mothers for birth, motherhood, and how to manage health challenges that arise during your pregnancy.

What is Postnatal Care?

  • During postnatal care, your nurse or doctor will prioritize giving you information on exclusive breastfeeding, cleaning your baby’s skin, umbilical cord care, and keeping your baby warm. This care is even more important for infants who are born too early, too small, suffer from different kinds of infections, or suffocate during delivery in order to keep you and your infant healthy.

Men and Pregnancy: Antenatal and Postnatal Care

  • It’s not very common to see men during antenatal and postnatal care appointments. There are different reasons for this such as social gender norms and lack of awareness. Some don’t understand the importance of these visits and therefore don’t want to partake. It is important that everyone understands just how necessary these doctor’s visits are and recognize the benefits.

Why men should be involved?

  • Men should be involved in these visits for several reasons. Some include being more involved in reproductive health decision-making, supporting their partners through the pregnancy, understand their roles as fathers, knowing the health status of their partner & unborn child, and having general knowledge regarding pregnancy & childbirth.

How can men be more involved during pregnancy?

  • Men can help their partners by accompanying their partner to doctor’s appointments, understanding the emotional & physical effects, being attentive throughout the pregnancy, and helping in planning for the delivery and paternal duties when the baby arrives.