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+ Does weight affect puberty??

Yes. Obese or overweight girls may start puberty earlier and start their periods earlier than girls who have an ideal weight.

+ Is vaginal discharge normal? ?

A woman normally produces a vaginal discharge that usually is described as clear or slightly cloudy, odor free and non-irritating. Anything that deviates from this is considered to be an abnormal vaginal discharge.

+ Is it okay to use Vaseline as a lubricant with a latex condom? ?

No. Oil based lubricants like Vaseline, can weaken the condom and might cause it to break.

+ What should women do when they forget their birth control pills??

If a woman forgets to take a birth control pill, she needs to take it as soon as she remembers it. If she forgets to take her pills for two days, take two pills the day she remembers it and two pills the next day. If a woman misses more than two pills, she should visit a nearby health center for instructions.

+ Can a woman get pregnant using the withdrawal method of birth control??

Yes. Withdrawal method is not a foolproof or reliable method for birth control and some ejaculatory fluid that contains sperm may be released before the man actually climaxes. On the other hand, some men may not be able to withdraw in time and this increases the chance of semen to enter the female’s birth canal.

+ Why do some girls have pain during menstruation and others not ?

Painful menstrual periods are usually caused as a result of a release of a hormone that triggers uterine muscle contractions. But they can also be caused by some underlying medical conditions for which one has to seek medical advice.

+ What is the leading cause of death among girls aged 15-19?

In developing countries like Ethiopia, the leading cause of death particularly among girls is pregnancy and childbirth complications.

+Which form of contraceptive works best to prevent pregnancy ?

Implant and IUCDs are the most reliable and most convenient forms of birth control.

+ What should I do if I test positive for STI?

If you test positive for an STI, get treatment from your healthcare provider. In addition, inform your sex partners. Your partners need to be tested and treated, because you can pass some infections back and forth. And also consider additional testing.

+ What are the benefits of male circumcision?

Some of the benefits of male circumcision include: reduced risk of STIs, Protection against penile cancer and a reduced risk of cervical cancer in female sex partners.


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