My Dear

It’s never easy to talk about this stuff, it’s nerve-racking, heartbreaking, and trembling. I have been through a tough time writing these saddest lines. It’s such a disappointing feeling to find out you have an STI but even worse when you have to tell someone, especially someone you care about. The risk of losing you is unimaginable but the risk of not telling you will hurt me even more, gradually. 

So what I decided was to get my strong suit on and make the call, to tell you that more than my love, my truth matters and that is my dear I have STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) 

When I first found out that I had an STI I thought everything was ending, my life as I know it was gone, and that made me suffer countless stressful nights, it was an experience that shifted my perspective about many things in my life. But as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, and with that, I pulled myself from the pools of shame and taboos and decided to tell you that not only I’m living with STI but I am okay with it

What gave me confidence was my realization that millions of people around the world are living with STIs, and to my surprise, I have found many resources and support systems that helped me deal with my condition. 

One of my scariest assumptions was that my life wouldn’t be the same after having STI and I wasn’t sure even in telling you this fearing that you would assume that I am a changed person, but nothing about me is changed, not even a strand of hair. If anything, I have learned a lot about how to take care of myself better, and to be mindful of my health decisions. I would say I’m in a good state of health and mentality, I take care of myself more than I did before, I take my treatments accordingly to my schedule and I still refer back to an incredible online support system from people who have had the same experience and can share it, which helped me escape  a state of alienation and loneliness. 

Although this has been a challenging experience to go through, I’m joyful that I get to tell you honestly about my conditions without fear or shame or a sense of disappointing you, it is because I care deeply about our relationship that I’ve decided to share but all of this wouldn’t be possible without the help and awareness I have got from my friends, doctors and most people like me, People who have gone through the same situation. They made me feel that it’s okay to have STIs and that the bigger lesson is to move forward with mindful decisions and confidence. 

With Love